Blackberry Mountain
Another Farewell 09/08/2011
Well we had three goats and now we are down to one.  Our goat set up quickly got to be too much to handle and so we are taking a moment to step back and make a few changes to our housing and fencing areas.  We sold Mikey, our five month old buckling, yesterday to a family that had lots of brush for him to eat and also had plans to breed him.  He will be pretty happy when he realizes he gets to use his "male gifts" with the ladies on another farm. 

Mikey was the first and only goat that we have seen through birth and grow from that point.  He has been a challenge but he taught us a lot.  As we waited on his new owners to pick him up yesterday we talked about how it seemed like just a few days ago that he was a little kid learning how to walk in the yard or jumping on my grandma while she sat on the porch.  He loved to eat my hair so I had to keep it pulled back.  We believe Mikey may have been the first kid that Roses was able to stay with after birth and milk naturally so that was a learning experience for Roses, I'm sure.  She did a great job helping us to wean him (sometimes by kicking him in the head) when it was time.  Just last week I noticed them snuggling on a cool evening, just like mother and son should. 

    We had to sale Mikey because there is too much risk with him being so close to his mother when she is in heat...we did not want baby goats out of incest for obvious health reasons.  So its a sad day but we can now move forward with some farm repairs in hopes to get a new doe this fall.  Our hope is to find another dairy doe that can be bred for years and to also have Roses bred one final time (she is 8 so this is her last year to safely birth).  Here's to lots more goat adventures!

Farewell friend 08/19/2011
I will begin with an apology/excuse for my lack of blogging.  The month of July was jammed full of work and traveling for me and then August got here and was pretty full as well.  I sort of lost control of maintaining balance of things.  But I'm back today. 

I write this with a sad heart.  We sold Bella yesterday.  She is no longer a goat on our farm and we will probably not see her again.  A few days ago I was ready to get rid of her.  She was loud, rambunctious, and pretty hard for me to handle without carrying a stick with me for reinforcement.  This summer has been pretty busy with the garden growing, attempting to preserve the fruits and veggies before they rot, trying to keep a house in order (failed), and caring for the animals.  Sadly, we decided that while we love our goats and have enjoyed having them, we just aren't ready for goat farming and have much more to do and learn before we can have multiple goats.  Roses is very calm and gives milk so we decided we would keep her and sale Bella and Mikey.  We are still waiting for a buyer for Mikey but as you know, we sold Bella yesterday evening.  A man came by to see her and bought her within 5 minutes.  He has cows and just got goats so he can teach his kids about showing goats.  It sounds like our sweet yet wild, Bella might get to be in a show.  I am so happy for her because she really needs a place to run around and to eat all day long with other friendly farm animals.  But my heart hurts as I write this and think about the memories we had with her. 

Bella was our first goat and she challenged us from the beginning.  Every time we built something, she showed us how it could be better.   Before we got Roses,  we were even able to let her run around our yard freely all of the time.  She would sit by our back door and chew her cud all afternoon/evening and sometimes would take a minute to sprint back and forth across the yard and back up the steps.  She was always a lover, not a fighter but she was definitely stubborn.  She meant a lot to both of us and she will be missed. 

So here's to's hoping that she has greener pastures and nice farm friends and that she is loved for a very long time.  She will forever be in our hearts and I will never forget the things that she taught me.