Blackberry Mountain
I’m a slacker when it comes to gardening.  We have had a garden for three years now but I typically get excited doing research and planting but fail to plan like Jeremy.  He has been the garden designer, he sort of fell into that position when I didn’t make efforts to do so.  He has encouraged me to try something myself so that I can research like I always do but to follow through with planning, planting, and harvesting after I nurture and care for plants.  A while back he gave me an herb garden for Christmas.  This meant he would dig my garden plot and the rest was up to me.  Basically he gave me the gift of garden creativity and freedom.  The first year I bought herbs familiar to me without much knowledge except which were perennials and annuals.  They grew and I harvested them, but had too much of some and wasn’t sure what to do with others.  In the end I figured I would lose them all because the goats had finished many plants so I ended the season and would try again.  This spring while surveying our backyard and planning our garden I noticed a few old friends had returned—Greek Oregano, German Thyme, Spearmint, and Peppermint had come back stronger than before.  Nature is a better garden than I am—this does not come as a surprise but it was truly unexpected that those plants would return.  In addition to my herbs from last year I started Sweet and Dark Opal Basil plants from seeds a few months ago and have been watching them grow.  Along with those seeds I also planted Rosemary and Lavender.  These are supposedly much harder to start from seed and so far that is pretty accurate.  I believe I had success with a few Rosemary seedlings and one Lavender but time will tell. 

Why grow herbs?

I wasn’t sure of this when I got the gift but after researching and growing my own I realize they are great for edible and medicinal purposes.  I admit I do not fully use them for everything at this time but I hope to try more over time and as I learn more.  As the summer goes on I will add more information and photos about herbs and their specifics.  If you don’t have anything growing, why not start with a few herbs in your window seal?



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