Blackberry Mountain
It's Electric! 06/27/2011
Having goats is very exciting but it is also very unpredictable which means that it takes a lot of care, patience, and hard work.  We bought Bella in May 2010 and kept her in a pen at night but she freely grazed our yard all day.  And she ate our bushes and trees and garden.  When we got Roses, in November, they grazed the yard together until one day they crossed to our neighbors yard.  Uh oh.  After that we had to start keeping them on "tie-outs".  We moved them to various parts of our yard so that they had ample food but unfortunately they still had little "free" space.  Now with three goats, keeping this up became a major daily chore.  So we talked about fencing for a while.  Jeremy put his mind and body to work and began preparing for his planned set up.  After a few nights and days of work when I was home we now have an electric fence.  It is one that we can expand and move as we wish.  Yes, they got shocked a few times but I believe they have learned their lesson for the time being.  Now we have three happy grazing goats and they have a lot to eat.

Note: The photo below is 2 month old, Mikey.  He's getting big!


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