Blackberry Mountain
Sweet Summertime 06/20/2011
Summer is here and it shows on our “farm”.  The garden is growing and producing its first fruits.  We are getting cucumbers, squash/zucchini, green beans, and potatoes.  These are piling up quickly so I started pickling last week and plan to start canning this week.  I have a lot of basil, mint, oregano, and perilla too.  I’m drying these herbs for teas (for medicinal purposes) and for cooking later.  Some herbs such as, chives and basil, will be frozen as well.  As soon as I get the right ingredients from the store I will make basil into pesto…green AND PURPLE this year.  All of this is so exciting but it also means BUGS!  Our corn is taking a beating from Japanese beetles so Jeremy spends a lot of time smashing them in hopes to keep more from coming.  Last week we picked our first blackberries.  We picked about 2 lbs during our first round.  Our land is covered with blackberries and that is where the name Blackberry Mountain comes from.  I hope to make jam and cobbler and freeze the rest (After eating a fair share).  It’s so great to be getting so much produce and being able to eat some now and store later so that we can taste the summer all year long.  Hard work in the spring and summer pay off!



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