Blackberry Mountain
Life Skills 06/06/2011
My favorite class in high school was Life Skills.  The course focused on cooking, nutrition, and sewing, and was formerly known as Home Economics.  My teacher was a sweet lady that practiced what she taught and we were able to learn a lot from her during our classes due her hands-on teaching approach.   When it comes to sewing, without her I probably would have never given it a thought.  Ms. Adams had her own small sewing business selling mostly hand made purses to ladies in the area.  She taught us her design and how to sew our own.  I was excited about my new hobby and sold a couple to friends.  I even became inspired to make my own design for my prom purse.  The design was simple, the purse was small, and it worked perfect for the evening.  Not much came from my sewing after that.  I remember stapling a curtain in my freshman dorm room because my roommate nor I felt the urge to sew it to proper length.  Luckily things have changed and my interest has been reignited.  My friend just had her first baby and I took her pregnancy as an opportunity to make my first quilt.  After mom suggested it, I decided to sew it by hand so that I knew each stitch and so that each stitch was full of love and wonder of the child that would soon be wrapped in the blanket.  Since then I have been very curious about sewing projects and basics.  I tried a few projects and have several more on my agenda for when I have a moment.  I am working with a Singer Promise machine that my mom bought me for Christmas.  This season is great for practicing because I can wear my results.  I am excited to be sewing again and plan to keep it up.  Its where I feel I can be creative and resourceful and those are extremely important to me.   I'll try to keep you posted with updates as projects come and go.     


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