Blackberry Mountain
As we welcome the summer we also welcome bonfires and backyard meals at our house.  We have had nice fire each nice for the past week or so.  It’s great because we get to relax and burn limbs/branches at the same time.  Last week we made one of our favorite meals, hobo dinners.  We love these and most people do, though sometimes they look rough before cooked.  My youth group made them and were very judgmental before we cooked them but when they ate, they loved them.

Start by building a fire because you need a nice bed of coals with extras to add if needed.

taters (potatoes)
other vegetables (Jeremy used carrots)
meat (ground beef or chicken)
shredded cheese
tin foil

Lay a piece of tin foil flat on a surface (big enough to wrap all the ingredients inside of). Mix all ingredients together or separate as you wish. I like taters and onions mixed with cheese on one side and beef and onions with spices on the other.  Wrap up with one strong piece of foil (don’t double wrap if you can help it) and cook for 20 minutes on each side.  Enjoy in foil- throw away for easy clean up!

Note: The photo above shows a fire heating the hobo dinners wrapped in foil.  The funny looking shape is bread dough I was playing with on the fire (it worked and tasted great minus the ashes). 

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