Blackberry Mountain

This and That

I'm Megan.  I love to cook, am learning to farm and garden--with a personal interest in herb gardening, and enjoy other hobbies like sewing and jewelry making.  I work full time at a local Lutheran church as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry.  I should mention here that I am a beginner at all of the above so this site is about learning, making mistakes, and trying again. 

I live in NC on a small farm named Blackberry Mountain, with my husband Jeremy, two dogs, two cats, one goat, and about 25 chickens.  Life is pretty fast paced these days and most of our time is filled with working or running here or there trying to keep up with everyone else.  I think its important to take time to do the things that we love.  

This and That is titled as is simply because it is full of this and that.  "The Biscuit Experiment", my blog, is where you will find updates about my gardening and farming adventures along with other tidbits about life and whats going on in my world.  "From the Kitchen" is a section where I will share recipes and tips every now and then.  Enjoy! 


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