Blackberry Mountain
Odds and Ends 01/15/2011
A few things...

Well, I was wrong when I told you that I had some White Button mushrooms ready to be eaten.  Those little mushrooms photographed in last week's blog turned out to be large Portabella mushrooms.   We realized they were colored differently than they should be and then discovered it was because I had gotten the two types mixed up.  Regardless of the mistake we still got our first crop of mushrooms throughout the week.  Both types grew and continue to grow, enough for us to pick a couple each day.  We both really like mushrooms so this week we had mushroom omelets, mushroom pizza, and tonight, I made spaghetti loaded with mushrooms and a salad topped with them.  Needless to say...they are delicious!

Last Sunday a winter storm hit the area (as well as a large part of the country) and we got about 8 inches of snow and ice by the time it was over.  I was out of work most of the week, and the local schools  were canceled all week...the south is not ready for this type of winter weather.  We still have a lot of snow on the ground and an older church member told me there is an old wives tale that says if snow stays around for a while it is waiting on more to come.  This could be an interesting winter!  I do enjoy the snow and it is always nice to spend extra time at home with Jeremy and the animals.  We stayed inside mostly because it was so cold, but we ventured out one day to play on the land (photos on the main page and farm section).  I saw our neighbors sledding down the slope on our road and so I tried out snow tubing down Mozelle worked great and I plan on trying again if we get more snow this year.

I finally took down the Christmas decorations today.  I keep them up as long as possible because I like them and find no reason to rush to rid the house of them just because a specific date has passed.  While cleaning today I figured I might as well, plus the tree needed to go outside before it fell apart all over the place.  Luckily, Cedar trees just happen to be one of Rose's favorite foods.  I took the Christmas tree out and put it straight into the goat pen and nearly got trampled trying to get in and out.

I just wanted to drop in and share a few things from the past week that made me smile...mushrooms, snow, and Christmas tree eating goats. 

That is all for now...

Mushrooms Galore 12/28/2010
I finally got something that I have been wanting for a very long time...a 1/2 Portabella and 1/2 White Button Mushroom growing kit.  Jeremy and I both really like mushrooms and I cook with them often so I have been interested in growing them for a while. The kit consists of two dirt mixtures that are easily put together in the same cardboard box they are shipped in.  I have to spray them once a day and in about three weeks we'll be eating mushrooms.